Discover Your Path To Active Money Management

 It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the Compass Active Tactical Management program.

With over 50 years of combined experience in investment management, our team has been an innovator in bringing Active Tactical Management to Individuals, Foundations, & Qualified Plans.  Our primary objective is to create wealth as well as protect against principal loss from severe stock market declines. In the past, this kind of management was only available to institutions or to the wealthiest people.

Our four point approach, utilizing Technical, Fundamental, Quantitative Analysis, along with Risk Management, allows us to navigate through all types of market conditions, keeping your portfolio pointed in the right direction.

Our investment process entails identifying Domestic, as well as International Markets, that exhibit the best overall risk to return ratios. We call this the Relative Strength or the "Sweet Spot" of the Markets. We then analyze over 40 sectors or industries, as well as asset classes, to include Small Cap, Mid Cap, and Large Cap. This allows our investors to participate in advancing markets that have passed our proprietary screening.  I refer to this as our Wealth Accumulation phase.

Unfortunately, there are times when the markets are in high risk and we need to adopt a defense strategy to Protect Wealth. In these situations we use Short Term Bonds and Money Markets as safe havens. This is our Wealth Preservation Phase.

The only constant is Change, and we at Compass are adept at identifying and modifying your Portfolio to these changes. We are constantly striving to achieve an absolute return for your portfolios.

There is no guarantee that any investment strategy can protect you from loss 100% of the time. But I do assure you that the emphasis will always be on creating wealth in strong markets and preserving wealth in weak markets.

Compass is the management firm where you the client, will always be served first. I encourage you to consider the Compass Active Tactical Management Program as an integral component of your investments and retirement.

Discover your path to Active Money Management and become a client of Compass.