Why We Excel

Why We Excel

Our team’s extensive market experience has shown us that no single investment strategy works consistently year after year. To be successful, investors need to be both disciplined and flexible.

Our Unique Approach

We use a four-point process in our asset management: Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Quantitative Research and Risk Management.

Market Analysis

We study extensively the supply and demand relationship of both domestic and global markets in positioning our portfolios.

Sector Analysis

We analyze over 40 sectors to identify which sectors are the most attractive from both a relative strength and risk standpoint. Our quantitative research breaks the list down to over 100 sub-sectors to choose from.

Security Selection

An extensive list of both fundamentally and technically attractive investments is made. We then filter the list to provide us with the securities we feel are best positioned to advance.


Through our unique, in-depth analysis of markets, sectors, and securities, along with our disciplined approach, we strive to gain the edge on the ever-changing marketplace.